The Clear & Confident Story

Emma - Dr DermacareGet rid of embarrassing pimples – or your money back!


Your days of suffering from embarrassing and ugly pimples may soon be over! With the help of a powerful new anti- blemish formula your skin could look clearer and healthier than it’s looked for a long time.

Sound too good to be true? Not at all.

In fact, I’m so confident that my 3 step pimple clearing system will work for you, I’ll back it with our exclusive 100% no-questions-asked visit your doctor for free guarantee.

Yes, try my system for 60 days …and if it doesn’t work for you, let me know – even if you’ve completed the whole system – and I’ll refund every cent, plus contribute $50 towards a Doctors visit*

Why am I so confident? Well, it’s worked for me. Let me explain.

About me

My name is Emma Johnson and I’m the creator of the dr. dermacare brand. I also have a Masters degree in Psychology so I am very familiar with the issues associated with pimples i.e. low self esteem and poor body image.

My story

Like you, I know what it feels like to suffer from big unsightly stubborn pimples. It’s a battle that made me very self-conscious and often caused me extreme embarrassment in social situations – particularly when I was in my teens.

Actually, because of my unsightly pimples I sometimes avoided going out at all. And with good reason. You see, my pimples made my face look like a spotted tomato and as a result, I was often the subject of  jokes by others. Plus, not only did I have a face full of nasty pimples I also had braces and glasses……..definitely an ‘Ugly Betty’ stage I would rather forget. So as you can imagine, my self confidence & self esteem took a real hammering.

To make matters worse, no matter what I tried or used, I just couldn’t seem to get rid of my spots. I tried every product available including over-the-counter (OTC) products, pharmacy only medicines and even natural remedies. Most of the products didn’t work and some even made my pimple problem even more severe or left me with nasty scars.

They say that pimples only affect you when you’re a teenager. Wrong! I had breakouts in my teens and continued to get them in my early to mid twenties.

Anyway, after I got a severe case of pimples when I was 29 I decided I’d had enough. And so, it was at this point that I began researching my own solution to what, by this stage, had become a real pain – literally. I first began by scouring the internet and reading various books to try and find out the best way to reduce the appearance of these unsightly spots and scars.

What I discovered about pimples

One of the discoveries I made was learning that pimples develops in 3 distinct phases.

Stage 1 is called the Blocked Pores stage because this is when the pores of your skin get clogged up with an oily mixture called sebum.

Stage 2 is called the Sebum Expansion stage and is where sebum starts to build up and attract harmful bacteria.

Stage 3 is called the Irritation stage whereby a special type of bacterium starts attacking your pores and skin.

Remarkably I found it difficult to find a product on the market that effectively addressed all 3 stages of a pimple in an individualized manner, which helped to explain why most of the products I tried didn’t work.

In my research I also found safe and readily available ingredients that have been proven to help with pimples (salicylic acid (2%) for example is commonly found in supermarket products and cosmetics and works by gently removing surface bacteria and oil on the skin).

Anyway, next I employed the services of a reputable New Zealand skin care manufacturer and set about experimenting with the various cosmetic ingredients I had come across during my research. My goal was to find a combination of ingredients that addressed all 3 stages of pimple prone skin.

Starting with myself as a guinea pig, I tried different combinations and quantities of these ingredients. Some of these combinations didn’t work at all, while others showed serious promise.

One combination in particular produced remarkable changes to the appearance of my skin and it was this stage I felt I had developed the perfect pimple-fighting system.

What were the results?

Well, I am pleased to say that my battle with pimple prone, oily skin is now under control. The best part though, is not only do I have a smooth clear complexion but I feel so much better about myself. My self esteem has improved and because the appearance of scarring has all but disappeared I feel confident enough to even go out without make up.

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Warm regards,


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