Psychological effects of pimples

by Emma Johnson (MSocSc), director of dr. dermacare

We will soon be publishing a FREE booklet with helpful, practical hints for dealing with the effects of pimples on your self esteem. Until then please read below for handy tips on coping with unsightly skin blemishes. Alternatively you can call or email us for a one- on- one chat. If you are interested in reading more about my personal battle with pimples & how dr. dermacare began then please click here.

Pimples & self esteem

So you’ve been told “don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it” but the days have turned to months or even years and you still have pimples! If you are a teenager you may be feeling embarrassed and isolated. If you are an adult you might be thinking that you will never meet that ‘someone special’. It doesn’t matter what your age, pimples do not discriminate. The feelings of sadness, anxiety and embarrassment can hang over you like a big grey cloud.

So, what can you do?

If pimples are  impacting on your quality of life, if they are  affecting the way you communicate with people, your day to day routine or your social life then you need to take action.

The good news is that addressing the problem will reverse many of the negative emotional effects of pimples. Our clear & confident system can help you to look and feel better, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go as you are covered by our amazing ‘visit your doctor for free guarantee’.

Once you have addressed your skin problems with clear & confident it is time to start looking a little deeper and making fundamental changes to how you feel about yourself.

You can do this by using the following formula:

  1. Identify things in your life that cause you stress (stressors)
  2. Once you have made a list identify the items that are easiest to change
  3. Envision how much better your life will be once you have control over the stressor and the emotional reactions it triggers
  4. Now, be proactive. For example when cleansing your skin repeat to yourself over and over that ‘your pimples will not ruin your happiness or control your life’. Your happiness can be modified by your thoughts and your choices so after repeating your ‘mantra’ you will feel empowered to make a positive change. Once you have accepted these new beliefs you can then focus on the aspects of your life that are of greater importance and you can stop allowing other peoples thoughts about you to dictate how you feel about yourself. Minimise the level of importance you place on your spots and maximise other aspects of your life i.e. your job or hobbies etc. This does not mean you are investing less time in achieving clear skin , it simply means you are taking control of the thoughts and emotions that get you down.