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Below is feedback from people who have tried clear & confident. We are proud to share their stories with you! Take a look at how people, just like you have discovered clear healthy skin and improved confidence. We have helped thousands of people, let us help you too. Remember, we welcome your feedback, so please contact us with your success stories


“I have always been confident, my skin hasn’t changed how I feel inside about myself, but prior to using clear & confident I would hide my face with my hair as much as possible. My skin when I use clear & confident looks clear,the difference is amazing! I would definitely recommend clear & confident to others, I will never use anything else!”

Rosie- Auckland

         ” I just wanted to let you know that I find the Dr Dermacare products fantastic! When I came off the pill and found out I had PCOS my skin turned into a pimply mess, but after using Dr Dermacare my skin is so much clearer and I am much happier. Other pimple  products can really dry out my skin and make it so dull looking, but not this brand. Thank you so much!”


“I am 28 years old and have suffered from spots since I first hit my teens. Years later, after having two children and having tried numerous so called cures I was still afflicted with the dreaded spots. After about 4 weeks of using clear & confident my skin had shown little improvement and I was about to chalk it up to yet another product that didn’t deliver as promised. However, in week five I noticed some improvement and now that the eight weeks  I feel amazing. When I started using clear & confident I had large painful spots on my chin and temple area which were embarrassing and impossible to hide even with makeup. I still get small pimples but they  are easily concealed. I am even confident enough be around my closest friends and family without makeup – something I never did before. The instructions on how to use the product really made sense to me. I have often had to stop using other products because they have excessively irritated my skin and the resulting dryness on top of the spots just made me look and feel worse. The results have really boosted my self-esteem and I just wanted to say thanks”

Tim /26yrs

Tim purchased clear & confident from our website and gave us the following testimonial:

”Since using clear & confident I have had maybe 3 or 4 pimples and they were of a small variety. Overall my skin is less red and feels softer. I started to notice a difference within 2-3 weeks as I realised I hadn’t had a pimple in a while and none were on their way either. My confidence has improved as I imagine anyone else’s would who uses this product. It is far easier to have face to face conversations and not feel like people are checking out my spots. IT WORKS FOR ME. NO HYPE. ENOUGH SAID REALLY!!”


“We noticed a difference within 2 weeks. I recommend this stuff to my daughter’s friends at school because she got results, and I got my moneys worth and they notice the difference and it makes them feel good about themselves.”


Natasha had suffered from pimples since her teenage years. After trying antibiotics and a vast array of other over the counter treatments, Natasha decided to try clear & confident.

After 6 weeks of using clear & confident:

“Clear & confident is easy to use, makes my skin feel softer and makes me feel more confident! My family has noticed my skin looks better. I have even stopped wearing makeup.”

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